Mr. Thabo Khanye is a research and training specialist with academic background in Education, training and development and a Master’s degree (Business Administration in Economics, Organizational Development, Governance and  Entrepreneurship). Mr. Khanye's experience ranges locally from Inclusive Banking specialist, Skills Development Research, project management , training design, material development and facilitation. Internationally experience in researching community colleges as alternative methods of delivering education and training in South Africa. Also part of the Credit Law Review, he has written and produced booklets and study materials on the National Credit Act, Consumer Protection Act and Debt Counselling.  He has taught and produced hundreds of registered debt counsellors nationally. Thabo has written several academic papers on Community Colleges and ABET.

Mrs. Portia Mahlodi Khanye is a statistician, research specialist with a postgraduate degree in Research and Statistic, Master’s degree in Education and Labour. Portia has an extensive experience in banking and microfinance.   She is registered with the South African Market Research Association (SAMRA) as a Market Research Practitioner and has worked for various companies at both junior and senior management level before co-founding RUDO in 2002.  She has contributed and participated extensively in the Credit Law Review of 2002-2004, which has resulted in the promulgation of the National Credit Act. She participated in international projects within financial regulation in the USA and Asia, has written several papers on the Credit Law Review and Consumer Protection, and has presented in various local and international conferences.

Mr. Reitumentse Makgoke is an economist and a Banker with a qualification of an honors degree in economics. His expertise ranges from Financial Management, Financial Analyst, Facilitation of Banking certificate. He has trained over 200 learners in work readiness within the BANKSETA unemployed funded programs  and that training covers a range of topics amongst others it includes communication skills, critical thinking, ability to apply for employment, computer literacy, writing CV and preparation, Do’s and Don’ts in an job interview. Reintumetse is currently busy with his final year in Econometric.

Abel Mangolele is an Economist and  registered Accountant, a BANKSETA ASSESSOR and Moderator with BCom, BTh, Honsbcompt, Certificate in ODETDP and a Diploma in Management Development Program. 

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