RUDO Research is a policy oriented and research company operating within the finance and credit sector. As experts in financial research RUDO Research is involved in every stage from project inception, implementation up to completion offering continual functional and technical support.  Our extensive skills encompass all aspects research from conceptualization, research design, data collection, data analyses and interpretation and strategy development.


The Research Team

RUDO has a team of highly skilled and qualified researchers and consultants most with degrees in statistics, econometrics, economics, law and developmental studies. Most of our researchers are affiliated with SAMRA and other relevant professional bodies.  Our capacity and strategic partnerships with other consultants and academic institutions provides RUDO with a massive national and international network and footprint, and also ensures high quality outputs.

We partner and work closely with our clients to formulate research designs and project plan to meet their needs.  Normally, this simplifies objectives and brings clarity to issues.  When this occurs, our purpose is always to create a long-term relationship and partnerships resulting in value adding results. Our clients as a result have been with the company since its inception nine years ago.


Our Expertise

In order to meet the individual needs of clients, RUDO and its Associates, maintains a wide range of research expertise.  We excel in research design, data collection, analyses, reporting and strategy development.

Data Collection: Our Company has national field work team that is efficiently equipped to collect data timeously. Data is collected mainly through, telephonic, face-to-face, web based interviews. Our data collection tools include including call centre and online interviewing. We utilize multi-lingual and highly skilled interviewers and we operate nationally and internationally.

Our Research Offerings:

  1. Policy and Economic Research
  2. Micro and Credit Research
  3. Impact assessments
  4. Monitoring and evaluation
  5. Skills audit
  6. Sector Skills Plan (SSP)
  7. Benchmarks studies
  8. Regional Integration studies
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