The National Credit Act was passed by parliament on 15 March 2006. The Act makes provision for the Debt Counselling Program to assist over-indebted consumers.  This program needs to be implemented by debt counsellors who are competent and registered by the National Credit Regulator (�NCR�). For an individual to register as a debt counsellor they are required to undergo training which is approved by the NCR and to comply with all the requirements set out in the National Credit Act and Regulations.  To qualify for registration as a debt counsellor, an individual is required to attend this training program which has been designed and developed for the purpose of:


  • Capacitating participants with the background understanding, the need and the process of debt counselling
  • Train participants to be competent in debt counselling and therefore be eligible to complete the exam and register with the National Credit Regulator as a debt counsellor

A course accredited by the National Credit Regular. This is a full qualification which leads to employment or self-employment afterwards.




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