Course: Debt Counselling


  • Background on Debt Counselling
  • NCA
  • Over Indebtedness
  • Reckless Lending
  • Consumer Credit Information
  • Requirements for Registration as a Debt Counsellor
  • Step by Step process of Debt Review
  1. Training will be ten days which is spread over 15 working days
  2. There will be a mock examination  and examination month end.
  3. Pass mark is 75% no more 80%
  4. Leaners will get one opportunity to rewrite examination if a leaners fails again a fee will be applicable to rewrite for the second time.




                   Commence Date

                   Final Examination Date

6th March 2023

31st March 2023

5th June 2023

30th June 2023

4th September 2023

29th September 2023

6th November 2023

30th November 2023





Assessor Training


  • Background on Assessor Training
  • NQF
  • Overview of Outcomes Based Education
  • Principles of Outcomes Based Education
  • Assessment Method and Process
  • Conducting Assessment
  • Providing Feedback
  • Assessment Review
  • Recognition of Prior Learning


  • Learner to compile POE during training sessions
  • POE is submitted for Assessment and Moderation
  • POE goes through external moderation by ETDP SETA
  • Learner can thereafter be declared competent


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